Dog Days!

Dogs – well pets – are one of my favourite photographic subjects.  I’m not entirely sure why, maybe it’s becasue they can’t answer back, or maybe it’s the challenges they can present!  Here are a few of my favourite doggy pics taken over the last year…..


Arty detail pics – Stratford Upon Avon

On a recent day out to Stratford Upon Avon, it was a really dull day, so it seemed like a good opportunity to focus on detail shots of the small things, that are still representative of the feel of the town. I then had fun optimising them in new software…..

Jakes Place Hovercraft Racing

The last Hovercraft race meeting of the season brings a fun celebration of the Juniors, throwing the Champ in the lake! We were delighted that the 2011 Champ is our 11 year old son, Callum, so it’s him being carried to the lake and then looking a little soggy! The weather was quite cold so I wasn’t out with the camera much, but I did get some posed shots requested by another junior family, and a couple of shots from around the paddock and prize giving as well as the ensuing Junior madness!

Full set of pics are here:

Hovercraft Racing at Claydon House

Hovercraft racing at the glorious Claydon House, near Aylesbury, makes for a fabulous sport in a stunning setting. Racing gives opportunities for a large range of photographic subjects, especially with it being such a family sport. The weather forecast had been wet and windy so we were lucky to stay mostly dry and with no races red flagged, due to wind or otherwise. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make use of the House or Grounds (note to self for next year!), but still got a pleasing selection of images.