Dog Days!

Dogs – well pets – are one of my favourite photographic subjects.  I’m not entirely sure why, maybe it’s becasue they can’t answer back, or maybe it’s the challenges they can present!  Here are a few of my favourite doggy pics taken over the last year…..


Arty detail pics – Stratford Upon Avon

On a recent day out to Stratford Upon Avon, it was a really dull day, so it seemed like a good opportunity to focus on detail shots of the small things, that are still representative of the feel of the town. I then had fun optimising them in new software…..

Year 6 leavers party photos great fun

Year 6 leavers party photoshoot with a great bunch of kids. This event was really fun with everybody in great spirits, with a bit of emotion thrown in. Unfortunately failure of one flash unit on location meant a bit of improvisation to minimise shadows as much as possible.