A Seaside Wedding

A selection here from a wedding a spectacular location by the sea and in the grounds of a castle. It was at the end of October so it was cold. But it was bright and dry and everybody was smiling 🙂


Fun weekend at BeBold Alopecia Camp

I was recently very priveledged to be the photographer for BeBold Camp, a summer weekend camp for kids with Alopecia and their families. The fun was endless with discos, a campfire, an awesome talent show and cowboy kareoke. Saturday saw the kids lucky to have dance workshops with a movie star – Sianad Gregory from Streetdance put them through their paces.

This weekend was put on for the kids by the awesome folks at www.bebold.org.uk, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!

Very tricky low light conditions, a challenge as I was determinded not to use flash as this would have been disruptive.

Hovercraft Racing at Claydon House

Hovercraft racing at the glorious Claydon House, near Aylesbury, makes for a fabulous sport in a stunning setting. Racing gives opportunities for a large range of photographic subjects, especially with it being such a family sport. The weather forecast had been wet and windy so we were lucky to stay mostly dry and with no races red flagged, due to wind or otherwise. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make use of the House or Grounds (note to self for next year!), but still got a pleasing selection of images.

Year 6 leavers party photos great fun

Year 6 leavers party photoshoot with a great bunch of kids. This event was really fun with everybody in great spirits, with a bit of emotion thrown in. Unfortunately failure of one flash unit on location meant a bit of improvisation to minimise shadows as much as possible.