Seasons Greetings

A few years ago my environmental conscience made me change over to digital Chrismas greetings, but I do spend some time trying to create an interesting “card” which I send as an attachment by email, which is individually addressed and sent to the reciepient…..I want to spend the time to think about my friends and family, I just can’t justify the expense or the paper! This year is no exception, and here is the card, which I have really enjoyed and it seems my friends and family are enjoying it too. Not so sure about the kids…..

silent night

Studio Photoshoot with Lois and friends

Lois requested her photoshoot as a Christmas present, and she brought a few friends with her……we had great fun, especially trying to get Snoopy the dog to sit still, as he’s a very lively dog. She also had some pictures with her brother and cousins.

Dates set for studio photoshoots in time for pics for Christmas

Currently booking Sunday 20th November 2011 and Saturday 3rd December 2011 email to book, time slots available morning and afternoon, prices here:

Christmas hats not compulsory!

Family photoshoot examples – studio

Family photoshoots are my favourites as I love photographing people and the different personalities and ages of children make every shoot so different. They say never work with children or animals, but children and animals are what makes these type of photoshoots the most fun.