About Louise Beale Photography

My first recollection of a love of photography is all down to my dad’s artistic photos of me as a baby in my mum’s arms. Photos have always held a spark of magic and I would pore for hours over the family albums. Now in my late thirties, after many years as an enthusiastic amateur (and frequently delighted by the reaction of others to my photography) I finally worked out what I want to do when I grow up! My photography is mainly inspired by people, that one off expression, the sparkle of an eye, recording the event as a succession of magical moments.

Impromptu Mothers Day Photo Shoot

Had a visit on Saturday from a friend who was babysitting some children that were in need of a Mothers Day pressie…what better than some nice piccies for mummy…..osandem-6247









From the other end of the lens…..

Directing a photoshoot from the other side of the camera is not easy. I had some help from my lovely dad, who is great with a camera but has no experience of studio work…and was in some of he pics with us. We used his D800E, and had fun, and I actually got a “40th” pic that I actually quite like, and some lovely family shots……enjoybeale-2193






beale-2237beale-2251 copy

Seasons Greetings

A few years ago my environmental conscience made me change over to digital Chrismas greetings, but I do spend some time trying to create an interesting “card” which I send as an attachment by email, which is individually addressed and sent to the reciepient…..I want to spend the time to think about my friends and family, I just can’t justify the expense or the paper! This year is no exception, and here is the card, which I have really enjoyed and it seems my friends and family are enjoying it too. Not so sure about the kids…..

silent night

Fun weekend at BeBold Alopecia Camp

I was recently very priveledged to be the photographer for BeBold Camp, a summer weekend camp for kids with Alopecia and their families. The fun was endless with discos, a campfire, an awesome talent show and cowboy kareoke. Saturday saw the kids lucky to have dance workshops with a movie star – Sianad Gregory from Streetdance put them through their paces.

This weekend was put on for the kids by the awesome folks at www.bebold.org.uk, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!

Very tricky low light conditions, a challenge as I was determinded not to use flash as this would have been disruptive.